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(REMOTE) Creative Strategist at SEEN.TV: Immediate Position Available

SEEN.TV stands at the crossroads of compelling narratives and cutting-edge delivery. We're on the hunt for a Creative Strategist, a dynamo who’s as adept with words as they are with weaving concepts into compelling stories✨


Your Role and Responsibilities:

✍️ Copywriter Meets Visionary:

Craft impeccable copy and couple it with visionary ideas that translate client briefs into storytelling masterpieces.

💥 Ideation Powerhouse:

A single brief? Generate 500 innovative executions. Think big, think different, think SEEN.TV.

🖥️ Deck Designer:

Take your concepts and lay them out seamlessly, peppering in the right TikTok references, visual cues, and compelling narratives.

🤳 Viral without the Price Tag:

Know the ins and outs of creating buzz. We don’t need Hollywood budgets; we need that guerrilla mindset which makes content go viral organically.


📳 Deep Dive into Trends:

 Be ahead of the curve. Understand emerging trends, platforms, and shifts in the digital landscape.

🧑‍🏫 Client Whisperer:

Decode client needs, anticipate their desires, and consistently over-deliver on expectations.


This isn't just about fitting into the creative space; it’s about reshaping it. At SEEN.TV, you won’t just be strategizing; you'll be revolutionizing the way stories are told and consumed.


If you've got a finger on the pulse of what makes content tick and a brain teeming with game-changing ideas, SEEN.TV needs your genius. Join us in shaping the future of digital narratives. Apply now.

To apply, inbox us at!

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