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(REMOTE) Drive Management Data Wrangler at SEEN.TV: Immediate Position Available

SEEN.TV is home to 4,000 stories, 1BN yearly views, and a massive 7M-strong following. Behind every story is raw interview footage and a heap of B-roll. We need it sorted, tagged, and managed, and fast.


Your Role:


💻 Data Sorting:

Dive into our extensive digital library. Sort. Organize. Streamline.


🙋 Tagging Expert:

With thousands of stories, efficient tagging is crucial. Ensure every byte of footage finds its rightful place.


🗃️ Drive Management:

Our data spans multiple drives. Your task? Keep it all accessible and orderly.


💥 Operational Efficiency:

We've got piles of behind-the-scenes data. It's not glamorous, but it's vital. Your mission? Make sense of it all.


This isn’t just another junior role. It's a chance to be part of the backbone of SEEN.TV, ensuring that our vast content library remains an organized powerhouse🔥

Got a knack for data wrangling and ready to dive in immediately? SEEN.TV needs you.

To apply, inbox us at!

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