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(REMOTE) Executive Assistant at SEEN.TV: Immediate Position Available

At SEEN.TV, every second counts, and in this high-octane environment, our CEO is seeking a right-hand individual ready to dive deep and embody dedication at its purest. This isn’t just another EA role; it’s an immersive learning journey at the epicenter of a storytelling revolution.


Your Role and Responsibilities:


🦸 24/7 Commitment:

This role demands unwavering dedication. It’s not just about hours; it’s about passion, agility, and the willingness to go above and beyond.

🤙 CEO's Shadow:

You'll be more than an assistant; you'll be an integral extension of the CEO. From managing schedules to strategizing, you'll be in the thick of it all.

📂 Relentless Organizer:

Ensure everything is on track, from meetings to personal commitments, ensuring not a beat is missed.

💻 Master Communicator:

 Act as the bridge between the CEO and our 65+ global staff. Clear, concise, and effective communication will be your superpower.


🧑‍💻 Rapid Learner:

Absorb knowledge on the fly. Every day will be a masterclass in leadership, strategy, and the media landscape.

🙊 Guardian of Confidentiality:

Exercise utmost discretion with sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and trust.


This isn't your typical desk job. It’s a front-row seat to the intricacies of leading a global media powerhouse. Dive into the fast-paced world of SEEN.TV, where learning is relentless, and the potential for growth is unparalleled.


If you’re relentless, meticulous, and hungry for a challenge like no other, this is it. Step into the world of SEEN.TV as our Executive Assistant. Dive in now.

To apply, inbox us at!

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