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(REMOTE) PRODUCER/JOURNALIST at SEEN.TV: Immediate Positions Available (20 Openings)

SEEN.TV isn’t just telling stories; we’re building the world’s largest human experience library. With a target of producing 20 compelling stories in just your first 30 days, this is high octane, high reward territory.


Your Role and Responsibilities:


✍️ Rapid Story Production:

From inception to completion, craft 20 impactful stories that are ready to enthrall in your first month.


⭐ Audience Intuition

Live and breathe our audience's rhythm. Understand what ignites their passion and craft narratives that hit right at the heart.


📶 Analytics Pro:

Dive deep into the numbers. Know what works, why it works, and how to make it better.


✨Journalistic Integrity:

Accuracy isn’t negotiable. Ensure every story upholds the highest journalistic standards.


🌎 Captivate Young America:

Speak the language of the 13-24 demographic in the U.S. Create stories that grip them from the get-go and keep them watching.

🎥 UGC & Remote Directing:
Direct citizens in crafting their tales. Experience in managing user-generated content is a valuable asset.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Teamwork Across Time Zones:
 Collaborate with our diverse, global teams to bring stories to life.

💻 Digital Landscape Mastery:
Understand the nuances of digital platforms to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

This isn't just about creating content. It’s about capturing the essence of human emotion, experience, and evolution, and translating it into narratives that set mobile screens on fire.


If storytelling is in your DNA and you're ready to hit the ground running, SEEN.TV is your stage. Apply now to be a part of this storytelling revolution.

To apply, inbox us at!

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