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Our Work

We take great pride in the work we do and how it not only supports our clients, but also creates meaningful change in the world around us.


A project we did with Mercy Corps and the youth of Nigeria. 


How we used an AR lens to guide their stories surrounding elections


We worked with Reebok to promote their ‘Life Is Not A Spectator Sport’ digital campaign. 


Using AR filters, we guided 5 Reebok ambassadors through the storytelling process. Their videos gained 

over 600k organic views, and drove 52,544 clicks to the campaign page.

As a part of the campaign, we hosted a first-in-Africa virtual creator summit where we trained Reebok’s audience how to use these same AR tools to create their own storytelling videos, providing additional campaign exposure.


Alongside Coinbase, our co-founder hosted a show that visited 8 countries and saw the most incredible blockchain projects positively changing the world.


Plan International wanted to make 43 videos in 43 countries, but because of COVID-19 we couldn’t deploy our film crews around the world. We have trained community kids on the ground to create these stories. 

Each video is 3 minutes and was sent directly to sponsors via a newsletter, generating millions of dollars in donations.
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